Top 10 Best Water Speakers Reviews

Innovation is a word that is best to describe in our society today. The so-called genius men today are quite different from the geniuses before. Men of today’s generation are kept on innovating and improving different products just to please and meet the human needs and standards. And because of that, change is not a new thing to all of us.

Electronic devices or gadgets are the number one in the line when it comes to high technology. If before, we need to protect our gadgets from water and spills, today is a different story to tell. Water and device is not separated to each other anymore, but they are used to work together in order to give a more satisfactory and convenient service to its users. This review talks about best water speakers to help you come up with your great choice. With its pros and cons, these top of the list water speakers might be your top choice soon.

 #1. Sound Candy SC3001BKB-BT Sound Storm Speaker

Best Water Speakers

As sweet as its brand name, this water speaker will let you to enjoy a little party while hitting your favourite beat. With a product dimension of 4.4 x 7.4 x 4.1 inches, this product weighs about 1.8 pounds only. This water speaker with a snow globe feature has 7 fascinating lights to add color and vibes to your party. Its unique multi colored lightshow starts with just snow flurries but as the tempo rises, the tempo of your storm does the same. With easy connectivity, you can now enjoy lights and sounds in just one product.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Has livelights technology
  • Has easy connectivity
  • Its light cannot fill a room, this item is actually small
If you are still thinking what will be a great item to give this Christmas, then this water speaker can be the right one. With is snowglobe feature, it will surely clicked this coming Christmas season. This waterspeaker will not just entertain your eyes with its many lights, it also produces great sound. Whether you are planning to have an outdoor or indoor party, this waterspeaker can be your party partner. Very portable that you can even hold and bring it with your hands, this speaker will surely entertain you a lot.

#2. Sylvania SP 349 Light Water Display

Sylvania SP 349 Light Water Displa

This tower Bluetooth speaker with dancing water has many features that add to its ability to entertain and produce good sound. With a product dimension of 6.8 x 6.8x 38 inches, this speaker has a weight of about 5.5 pounds. As you play your music, this water speaker will also let you to witness streams of water jumping to the beat of 6 different LED lights. It has also a remote control for an easier manuever, a 3.5mm aux to be used if you do not have any Bluetooth enabled device, an RCA audio input and FM radio. With its great quality, this water speaker produces great sound and light show.

  • Can still be used even if you have no Bluetooth enabled device
  • Has 6 LED light
  • Good quality speaker
  • Has many accessories for additional convenience
  • Not as loud as expected
Sylvania SP349 is one the great water speakers. Aside from its major abilities like good sound production and lightshow, it has also many accessories to meet your needs anytime and anywhere. The outside surface is great and the price is just right. This will add beauty to your room while giving you the chance to enjoy its beautiful design.

#3. Sharper Image sbt639gy Fountain Lights Bluetooth Speaker

Sharper Image sbt639gy Fountain Lights Bluetooth Speaker

At first glance, this Sharper Image SBT39GY water speaker looks like an ornament rather than a speaker. However, this so-called ornament can produce good sound and lightshow. This water speaker weighs about 4 pounds with total dimension of about 8 x8 14 inches. While enjoying its great stereo sound, you will also enjoy the lightshow of five multi-coloured lights. It allows you to simply connect your device via Bluetooth enabled device. On the other hand, it has also aux-in for wired sound which includes cable. Like any other water speakers, this Sharper Image SBT639GY is very easy to assemble and has remote control to adjust volume, playback and a lot more options.

  • Portable
  • Produces deep and rich stereo sound
  • Remote controlled device
  • The style is not as beautiful like others
Just like other waterspeakers, this one has many features that all work together in making this item a great one. With its size and dimension, you can bring it anywhere you want. Actually, it works 2 jobs; first it looks like an ornament and second it is a water speaker that will let you enjoy your favourite beat. Placing it in your small table, you will have both great sound beat and room beautification at the same time.

#4. Sylvania SP118-BLACK Water Dancing Bluetooth Mini Tower Speaker

Sylvania SP118-BLACK Water Dancing Bluetooth Mini Tower Speaker

Simple yet classy. This is how I described this Sylvania SP118 after looking it for the first time. It’s a mini tower water speaker in a black colour with a dimension of 26.1 x 7.9 x7 inches and a total weight of 4.6 pounds. As it is giving your desired beat you will also enjoy its colour-changing LED lights. It works with your iPod, iPhone, and other Bluetooth-enabled device.  It has rich stereo sound that produces quality music. You can place and bring it anywhere you want to.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Produces great sound
  • Can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Simple yet beautiful
  • Light’s brightness only follows the water stream about halfway
With its lightweight character, you can bring this water speaker anywhere you want. The style is just simple but it produces a great stereo sound. All in all, this water speaker is perfect for those who have simpler taste for their gadgets.

#5. Svance Dancing Water Speaker Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Svance Dancing Water Speaker Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

With 3 LED lights namely green, blue, and red, this water speaker has many features and ability to ensure customer’s satisfaction.  The powerful sound and dancing water both work together in letting you enjoying the beat and lights.  It is widely compatible for any smartphone or Bluetooth device so you reach maximum enjoyment anywhere. It also give you another choice to play, if you don’t have any Bluetooth device it has TF card and 3.5mm aux input port for to you be able to still use it.

  • Unique design
  • has clear audio
  • portable and very easy to carry
  • wide compatibility
  • you need to play the sound a bit loud to ensure perfect water movement
With its great design and abilities, this water speaker deserves to be part of your choice. With its 360 degrees clarity, this speaker will really help you in realizing your little party. However, just like other speakers, sometimes you need to turn your music loud in order to create a perfect water dancing move. But, all in all, this water speaker performs better and satisfy you too.

#6. Sharper Image SBT5002 Water and Light Show Bluetooth

Sharper Image SBT5002 Water and Light Show Bluetooth

This beautiful waterspeakers in black has a powerful subwoofer that can adjust bass levels. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology for easy pairing and LED lights for creating a lightshow and fountain effect. The package includes 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer to create a more deep and rich sound.  Another feature of this speaker is it has built-in AC power to plug any outlet. It has compatible to any Bluetooth enabled device plus this speaker can also be used as speakers for your computer/ laptop. It has a beautiful design that will add beauty to the part of your house where you wanted to put. Perfect for your lamp table, this water speaker will help you to enjoy rich and deep beats.

  • can be plug to any outlet
  • can also be used for computers
  • produce good quality of sound
  • has a beautiful design
  • Not portable
  • Not convenient to bring outdoor
It’s indeed a beautiful design. You might enjoy playing your favourite pop with this speaker plus you may also enjoy its lightshow. However, this package includes speakers and 1 subwoofer which sometimes it may not so convenient to bring with you during outdoor. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful speaker with good quality sound best.

#7. Altec Lansing Imw477 Mini Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker

Altec Lansing Imw477 Mini Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker

Compared to other waterproof speakers, this one is different when it comes to its physical feature. However, this speaker has many technical abilities which makes it great and could ablw too satisfy its users. It has product dimension of about 2.5 x 2 x 6 inches and a weight for about 14.4 ounces. It is audio line input, usb chargeable and mountable as well. This is easy to bring with you. All though this is just a typical type of speaker, it is waterproof, sandproof and floats in the water. It has a charging time of about 3-4 hours while its life can reach up to 10 hours of playtime. It has also voice confirmation and on-board microphone for a clear and handsfree communication.

  • Water, dust and sand proof all in one
  • Floats to the water
  • Has a clear sound
  • Durable
  • Has no wired connection ports
With its physical look, this speaker maybe simple, but checking at its other features you’ll find amzed with this speaker. This is very perfect for outdoor activities and gateaways. If you wanted to have some music companion in the beach, this should be part of choice.

#8. SoundSOUL Fountain Dancing Bluetooth

SoundSOUL Fountain Dancing Bluetooth 

With a 9.6 x 3.1 inches total dimension and an item weight of about 1.8 pounds, this speaker has colourful LED lights. It is very compatible with other device and can even connect to Apple.  It produces a great sound plus having a beautiful physical feature as well.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has colourful LED lights
  • Has easy connectivity
  • You need to connect each other’s wire
This is a beautiful speaker. The styles is great and even its colour. It has also easy compatibility. A Great item indeed.

#9. Leading Edge: Water dancing Speaker X3-Chrome

Leading Edge: Water dancing Speaker X3-Chrome

 This water speaker stands 9” tall use to create a vibrant sound and apart from its beautiful look it also produce a deep and rich sound. Very easy to connect to any usb enabled device such as IPhones, IPods, tablets, android, game players and even to your computer. As it plays your favourite music, you can see multi-colored jets of water that dances to the beat of music. Another feature of this water speaker is that it has 3.5mm audio jack connection. You can bring this water speaker anywhere you want.

  • Portable and easy to carry
  • No need to install
  • Produces great sound beat
  • Has a beautiful feature
  • The water has only one color
It has a beautiful outside surface, very presentable and can place to any part of the house. It is very portable and lightweight so you can carry it anywhere and anytime. It can be your companion with any indoor and outdoor activities. Perfect for any occasion

#10. Craig Electronics Water Dancing Tower Speaker

Craig Electronics Water Dancing Tower Speaker


Craig Electronics Water Dancing Tower Speaker has 10.1 pounds with a dimension of about 5.1 x 5.9 x 39 inches. This tower speaker has remote control, aux cable, ac and dc adaptor. Each of these features are for additional convenience of this towered speakers. For additional enjoyment, upon playing this speakers, there is also decorative water dancing with the colors are also changing.  Another feature is its removable front cover and Aux In Audio for TV and other devices. The digital volume and FM stereo radio helps in optimizing greater and deeper performance.

  • Portable
  • Has a beautiful outside feature
  • Can be used as ornament as well
  • The upper part is fragile
Craig Electronics Water Dancing Tower has many features that helped each other in order to provide greater performance and satisfaction to its consumers. Although it’s not so portable but it’s not so easy to bring anywhere because its upper part is fragile. But all in all, this is a good water speaker with many technical features to ensure greater performance.

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